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Heather Morley - Squidgy Bites

Squidgy Bites are delicious, healthier snacks delivered direct to your office or home. They contain wholesome ingredients such as dates, nuts, oats, ginger and dark chocolate. Packaging is as eco-friendly as possible; re-usable, recyclable or compostable (information cards are even printed with vegetable ink).

Made in my Chilterns farmhouse kitchen to stringent hygiene standards. Vegan, free from wheat/dairy, high in fibre. Ideal for a work/sports team or your family.

Why are my Squidgy Bites so scrumptiously indulgent and yet so nutritious? Because they’re made freshly, chilled and eaten within two weeks. Ask me for a sample and see for yourself!


Tel. 07919 417860
Email. heather@squidgybites.co.uk

Heather Morley

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