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Jill Willis - The Wholesome Peapod

I can help you lose weight, change your body shape, improve sports performance, reduce pain, rehabilitate after injury and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Based in Windsor, The Wholesome Peapod was created out of the desire to help people to understand that we must look at more than one part of our body and soul in order to be whole with optimum health and a fabulous sense of well being.

This in turn helps to provide improved performance in life as well as your chosen sport, whilst helping you live a longer healthier life with a lower risk of disease.

Disease broken down is dis ease, hence our body is not at ease or without ease.
I can help you.

Jill's holistic approach to health looks at the whole person - not just the symptoms, but the cause -  both physical and mental.

As a C.H.E.K Practitioner, we learn how a body moves and responds when it is in balance and when it is out of balance. Providing functional movement analysis and corrective exercise programmes we can help you to move freely without pain, and as a  C.H.E.K Level 2 coach in Holistic Lifestyle, we are able to help you to change your body shape, eat yourself lean and perform at your best.

As a specialist in healing fungal and parasite infections, Jill can help you with many conditions that you thought you had to live with for the rest of your life.

Jill Willis

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